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Robin Gill began her culinary journey as a child spending time on her Daddy’s family land in Georgia. Summers were filled with running through fields, picking and shelling peas, and canning.

Robin’s Mom gifted her first cookbook to her at age 7: it still remains in her collection.

The first hand experiences of the rich traditions of where food originates has fueled Robin’s lifelong fascination with creating vibrant food from scratch.

Some of Robin’s fondest memories are of long tables of food for family reunions, the first boiled peanut stands on the side of the road and being sous chef to both of her parents who were amazing cooks.

Robin began a career in food at age 15 hosting and moving on to waiting tables, bar-tending, working in catering, and, ultimately, on the line.

She received a Bachelor of applied Arts and Sciences from the University of North Texas in Sociology and Art. After beginning graduate school, Robin shifted gears to follow her passion in food. She went on to attend the Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan. While in New York, Robin was involved in private cooking, catering in the Hamptons, and assisting at the James Beard House. Following culinary school, Robin interned as a recipe tester for Crescent Dragonwagon’s cookbook “Passionate Vegetarian“, while also working as a sous chef in a fine dining restaurant.

After some South American travel, Robin returned to Dallas to begin her career in the culinary realm. Her experiences as a private chef, culinary manager, Executive Chef, and as a merchandising manager for grocery prepared foods, all contribute to her expertise in many facets of the culinary world.

Robin has been featured in Restaurant News, the Dallas Observer, and several morning segments for local television stations. She has also won multiple blue ribbons at the State Fair of Texas for canning: continuing the traditions of her youth.

Robin has a constant passion to learn: from food-centered travel and research to courses in cheese making and cake decoration.

Food is a career as well as a hobby and passion for Robin.